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Earn extra income from Forex, No time or knowledge Needed!

“Frankie” is a Forex reversals robot which sells at highs and buys at lows.

Frankie collects pips from the market and closes orders when the profit and loss target level set by the trader is reached. in addition, Frankie is equipped with adjustable stop loss protection feature enabling the trader to control how much Maximum risk to accept.

Furthermore, the stop loss feature serves as protection for initial capital invested

Frankie offers high ROI depending on the traders risk level preference (1% to 10% profit per day is doable)

once account grows past the projected drawdown level Frankie will trade solely on profits made, at this point it is virtually impossible to lose any principal capital invested originally, for example if you invest 500 and your account reaches the 1000 balance, simply set the protection stop level at 500 or more and Frankie will only risk the amount you allocated for trading and protect the rest of the balance.

Compound 1% profit per day and grow your investment to 1 Million Dollars from as little as 1000!

How to make 1 million dollars

      Promotional package, Free Robot download when investing minimum $600 with our recommended broker.

 PayPal Package, Purchase Robot for $313 one time payment and use broker of your choice.

Both packages include team team-viewer remote training, and future upgrades 

Completely automatic on your part, just login to Smartphone or PC and watch!

No commissions - Keep all profits.

Target 1% or more profit Each day. 

Withdraw money to your local bank or visa.

Adjustable Stop loss protection

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