What is RoboTrader?

Forex crypto trading is a huge market, with more than 100 currencies trading at the moment.Now, however, there is an ICO for a bot trading platform, BabyPips.BabyPips has raised over €40 million (€45 million) in the last two months.This is the first time in Ireland a major cryptocurrency platform has raised a large amount of […]

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When you need the latest Forex Forex time zone converter for your smartphone

Today is the last day of the Forex trading week.We’ll see if Forex traders can continue to work as they always have in the past week.The Forex market will not close today and this means that there are many Forex exchanges which have to close their doors for the week.Forex analysts, traders and traders alike […]

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Forex trading starts to go up after global shock

Forex is in free fall.It’s hard to find anyone who thinks this will end anytime soon.And it could go on for a long time.So how is it that the global market is now in free-fall?We caught up with Tim Hohmann, the co-founder and managing director of Forex and FX Research, and his colleagues to get […]

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Forex trading is getting more sophisticated with bots, bots are taking over the world

Forex is not only about volume, it is about value.Now, it’s a game of skill and strategy.A bot, or bot trader, can play at forex trading.It’s not that you are betting against a forex algorithm, or that you have to be a pro trader.You simply can play and make money betting on Forex.What you do […]

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What’s your favorite forex broker to trade?

This week’s question came from an investor who is looking for a forex brokerage that offers all the benefits of a top-tier forex trading platform but for a fraction of the cost.The market is so volatile that you can’t trade it with just a bank account, the market is all about trading volume, and the […]

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Forex Trading Sessions: Forex Market Analysts Get the Latest Forex Trends

Forex traders, who spend hours in the trading booth, often have to stay alert for a variety of different trends, especially the fluctuation in the market.A new feature in the Forex trading session provides forex traders with an additional tool to quickly check for changes in the price of an asset.Forex analyst Jason D. Lee, […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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