Kot Forex Trading Reddit: How Much Is Your Forex Broker?

Kot Forevx, which offers algorithmic trading and margin trading services to investors and traders alike, recently opened a Reddit community that allows users to vote on how much to make from their forex broker.The community was launched last week with the goal of helping Forex brokers to make more money from their trades.The site is […]

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FX-trading platforms, exchanges set to open as part of bitcoin ETF’s announcement

Forex market exchanges like ForexCharts, FX-Trader and ForexExchange.com are set to offer bitcoin ETFs.Bloomberg first reported the news.The move comes as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to announce it will launch a bitcoin ETF this year.Bitcoin is a digital currency that has gained widespread use in the last year or so, with […]

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How to trade with platinum 150 pairs, gold futures and more

Platinum 150 Forex pairs are trading at $1,300 per platinum 150.It’s a new price for platinum, which rose by 1% this week, after the currency fell by 2% on Monday.The price of gold also rose by about 1%.The platinum 150 price is based on the number of platinum 150 contracts traded per day, the amount […]

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How to buy forex for the next few years

Forex brokers are seeing some of the strongest returns on the cryptocurrency market this year, with the forex price index (FXI) now outperforming all the major currencies and assets.The FXI is the forexpansion index (FXI) that tracks the performance of the Forex market, and it has been performing exceptionally well.The FXI is designed to be […]

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When to Buy Bitcoin? What is Forex and what does it mean for you

A trader at a Forex broker told me that the Forex market is becoming more and more regulated.“The regulation is going to be the biggest change in the Forext market since the early days of Bitcoin, when people thought Bitcoin was a currency that was completely unregulated,” the trader said.I recently had the opportunity to […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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