When Forex trading is all about price

Forex brokers will be looking to add some new services and software to their trading strategies this summer, with Forex Mentor and Forex Tracker offering both.

In August Forex Analyst and Forexpredicting Solutions will launch the Forex Advisor, an app that will provide a live-in-the-moment analysis of the trading behaviour of Forex products.

Forex Trader and Forexfinance are both launching new software solutions that will offer new insights on the market, while the Forexpounder Forex Trading Simulator will allow users to simulate a trading session with more than 10 Forex companies, with the aim of giving traders the best experience.

The Forexpointer app, launched in August, allows users to buy, sell and trade Forex shares, as well as manage their own portfolio, as it tracks the market and allows the user to set their own price targets.

The forex broker that is best equipped to offer these new features is Forex Partner, with its latest software update now available for iOS and Android.

Forexprestor and the Forepulse trading app, also available in August for iOS, will allow Forex traders to track the performance of Forexponds, with more details to come.

The platform also allows for the creation of Forepredictive Trading Models (FTMs), which are custom-built trading tools to track various types of Forextra metrics, such as volume, price and liquidity.

In September Forex Partners will launch its new Forex Manager, a forex trading platform that allows Forex clients to create their own trading models, add other traders to the Forexcounters or even make trades on the platform, with this new tool offering traders the ability to use their own forex strategies to optimize their trading.

Forexforte and Forextrapolist also are offering a new Forexpulse platform, which is aimed at Forex professionals, as they will allow them to add more than 100 Forex firms to their Forex portfolio.

The Forexpank, which launched in June, is a platform that provides traders with a dashboard of all the information they need to make informed decisions, and offers trading tools and data analysis to facilitate this process.

In July Forex Advisors will launch Forex Investment Advisor, which will allow forex investors to invest in Forex funds, with new Forexfactors software allowing Forex investors the ability set their desired investment criteria.

The latest updates for Forex Analysts software are due to hit the app store in September, which brings us up to the present.

The app is still in the early stages, with a limited number of features, but it is hoped that the updated software will deliver more comprehensive insights on Forex movements and help Forex users to make more informed decisions.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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