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Today is the last day of the Forex trading week.

We’ll see if Forex traders can continue to work as they always have in the past week.

The Forex market will not close today and this means that there are many Forex exchanges which have to close their doors for the week.

Forex analysts, traders and traders alike are expecting a number of Forex indices to close for the upcoming trading week starting from Wednesday.

Here are some of the important Forex markets to watch in the coming days: 1.

The US Dollar The US dollar is expected to hit a fresh low against the Japanese yen at around 1,000 yen.

This means that the Japanese government is not happy with the recent economic developments.

The government is considering raising the value of the yen to the current level and it is expected that this move will lead to an increase in the price of the Japanese currency.

If the US dollar reaches the new low, traders will have to look for ways to increase the value if the yen stays near the US mark.

Traders should pay close attention to the rise in the Japanese Yen and look for opportunities to buy and sell in Japan.


The Euro The Euro is expected for a slight upturn against the Euro against the US Dollar at around 500 yen.

Trader will be looking for any opportunities in this area of the market.

If this downtrend continues, traders can look for a big rally in the Euro or even a correction.

The market will likely move in the opposite direction from the one traders are expecting.


The Brazilian Real Brazil is likely to remain in a bearish downtrend as it continues to face the global financial crisis.

Tradercasters are likely to look to buy the Brazilian real as the market looks to take a hit from the government’s recent devaluation measures.


The Russian Ruble The Russian ruble is likely for a slightly upturn in the currency markets against the dollar.

The ruble may fall as much as 50 basis points in the next few trading days.

If a sharp decline in the Russian currency continues, it could lead to a big correction for the ruble.

Tradcers should be careful in buying the rubles and sell them as a correction is unlikely.


The Chinese Yuan The Chinese yuan is likely going to move against the British pound at around 5 percent against the greenback.

Trades should be looking to buy some of these Chinese assets and wait for a sharp fall in the yuan.

The yuan is expected move into a bear market in the near future.

The recent devaluations of the Chinese Yuan and other foreign currencies are expected to make it difficult for the Chinese to maintain their current growth rate.

The Yuan could fall as low as $20 as a result of the latest devaluations and traders should consider holding back on any investments in the Chinese currency for now.


The Japanese Yen The Japanese yen is likely expected to slide against the Chinese yuan at around 6.5 percent.

Traderevers should be keeping a close eye on the Japanese economy and other economic developments to see if there is a major rebound.

Traditionally, the yen has performed well against the USD as well.

Traditors should look to hold back on buying Japanese stocks and wait to see whether the yen can recover.


The Swiss Franc The Swiss franc is likely not to rebound as the European Central Bank (ECB) has cut its interest rate from 0.75 percent to 0.4 percent.

In addition, the ECB is likely planning to raise interest rates on other debt markets such as corporate bonds and the government bonds.

The currency is expected increase against the U.S. dollar at around $1.50 per U.A. dollar.

Tradists should be on alert for any interest rate hikes that the ECB will make in the future.


The Australian Dollar The Australian dollar is likely looking for a bear case to recover from as the Federal Reserve is likely preparing to raise its interest rates by an additional $1 billion a month.

Tradors should expect a big decline in Australian dollars and other commodities as the dollar continues to strengthen against the other currencies.


The European Central Banks (ECBs) policies towards the European debt markets are likely for the next couple of weeks.

This includes cutting interest rates and raising the rates on many of the banks.

If these policies continue, the Euro may weaken further as the ECB lowers its interest on the Euro and the Swiss franc.


The Gold Price Gold is also looking to gain strength in the wake of the US election.

Gold prices have been on a downward trend for some time.

The price of gold has dropped by around 8 percent in the last few weeks.

The main concern right now is the US elections and a strong Donald Trump presidency.

If gold continues to fall, traders should not hold any position in the precious metal.

Gold is a safe investment that will likely continue to rise in

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