Forex market price slump brings gloom to investors

Forex investors are getting hit hard by the weak global economic data and the sharp decline in the Indian rupee, as the market’s price of the rupee’s most popular currency is expected to fall in the next 24 hours.

Read moreThe rupee has lost more than 25% against the dollar in the past few months.

In March, it was trading at $US1.10, but fell to a low of $US0.855 by November.

Today, the rupees value is hovering around $US2.00.

The rupees fall is one of the major factors in the rupercet’s slide in recent weeks.

The recent rupee-US dollar trading has had several negative effects for investors.

Some have blamed the weakness of the Chinese economy on the ruppies devaluation, while others have blamed India for the loss of a chunk of the $1 trillion market.

The rupee is the world’s second largest economy, after China.

It is not just investors who have lost out on the decline of the currency.

Many Indian traders have also been hit by the decline in their profits, as they are paying the cost of buying dollars to fund their trades.

The global decline in rupees price has also hurt other Indian-based traders.

Many other Indian trading houses have been struggling to keep up with their foreign clients, as foreign investors are now willing to pay a premium for rupees to trade.

Some Indian-run firms have started to sell rupees at a discount to US dollars.

While some foreign clients will not be able to pay for rupee trades at such a high price, Indian traders can afford to buy rupees from Indian clients to trade on.

However, the recent rupees-dollar decline has also caused the ruipercet to suffer from a surge in liquidity problems.

The currency is still trading at a low rate of $1.20 to $1,200 a pound, which is the lowest it has been in a year, according to the Reserve Bank of India.

There are some people who are buying rupees for as little as $1 each.

Many Indian traders are also finding it difficult to find funds to cover their losses.

The demand for ruiperccet has been high and it is now easier for them to fund the losses.

However the rubercet has now lost about two-thirds of its value against the US dollar, and is now trading at less than $US50 a pound.

A ruipercent, or one-rupee coin, was worth around $4 in March, but it has fallen to $US4.00 today.

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