How to play the forex bot on ABC News’ MoneyWatch

The forex trading bot is a tool used by millions of people around the world to automate the process of trading with cryptocurrencies.

The bot is the brainchild of a young Iranian man, Fadi al-Nour, who says his work has been used to help the Iranian government manage the country’s massive stock market.

But he says he’s never actually been a trader himself.

He first started tinkering with the bot about five years ago when he was in high school and quickly got bored of it.

“The only way to get an average price in Iran is to trade stocks with people in the United States and other Western countries,” al-nour said.

“There are only so many people in Iran who want to trade with me, and I’m not sure how to make a profit with that.” al- nour started working with a colleague from his high school who wanted to make the bot profitable, so he began working on it.

He spent months building it.

Now it has hundreds of thousands of users around the globe, and al-nisour says it’s been used for everything from sending notifications to buying and selling stocks.

It has been designed to automate a lot of the manual work that goes into investing, al-nasrur said.

It uses a series of “bots” to automate everything from entering stocks into the market, to placing trades, to entering and closing trades.

“I made a bot that will automatically fill out all the information that you have to enter,” he said.

The program can automatically make money for you in the same way you would a bank account, he added.

“It makes money every time you use it.” al – nour is not the only one making money from forex bots.

There are more than 1.6 million bot accounts on the ForexBot website, with many users making money by simply making bets, betting against other bots, or buying and sell stock using bots like ForexBots.

They use the bots to make money on the site by creating trades and sending them to each other.

The bots can also help people who want the ability to bet against other traders.

“When you’re making money, you’re not making money on your own,” al -nisur said, adding that there are other bots out there that are similar to the Fore, but they are not as profitable.

“They’re making billions on their bets.” al nour, a 25-year-old Iranian who works as a web developer, says he has been doing the foreX bot for about five to six months.

al -nour says the bots are easy to use.

They work in a similar way to other bots.

“You just enter in the price you want to bet and the bot will generate the money,” he explained.

Al -nisor said he makes about $400 a day by using the bot, and he’s not sure if he will ever quit it.

Some traders do pay to play with the bots, and some do not.

Al-nisur is not sure about what he will do with the money he makes from Forexbot, but he says it is “more than enough to survive.”

For now, al -naur is focusing on building a business out of Forexbots, and says he will only stop making the bot if he can make money doing it.

The Forex bot is also not a viable way to invest in cryptocurrencies, al nur said he thinks.

“For now, I’m a long-term investor and don’t want to make any bets,” he added, adding he is not going to go back to trading stocks with a bank.

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