Frequently asked questions

I'm new to trading of any kind, can I do this?

Of course, if it’s anything that we’re good at, its teaching/coaching/mentoring others – we have years of experience advising for people that have no experience whatsoever.

Just create a free account and get a life time access to our Live trading signals Telegram chat, or sign up for the copy trader and we will do the trading for you!, trades will execute automatically on your account along side our superior smart money management, just sit back and watch your account grow, all you need is a computer & internet!

How much do I need to invest as a beginer?

It’s up to you. If you want more profits with low risk you have to invest more capital.

But we advise starting from a minimum $250 as a beginner. But after gaining confidence, we recommend at least $1000 investment for higher leverage and lower risk

What strategies are traded and coached?

There’s two, each suitable for rapid growth, and conservative growth.

1 – Technical price action is a strategy suitable for both short term and long term expiries and can create profit anytime of the day.

2 – Economic events strategy is slightly easier & is also suitable for both short term & long term expiries as we use news reports to trade rather than analyze technical charts, however it is only possible at the time of news release.

Can I copy trades as they are done live Telegram chat?

Sure you can. The expert will be trading live.

You can get he strategy and the trades copied exactly like the expert as he executes the trades on his own account automatically on yours, and you don't need to attend the trading, you can be at work, sleeping or out with friends while your account trades on autopilot and creates profits!, we noarmally earn between 5% to 40% per day.

I'm American / I'm Canadian. Are there brokers that accept us?

of course, there's many of them.

We will advise you which broker is most suitable for you.

How old do I have to be?

The required minimum age is 18 years old to be able to open an account and trade.

Do I have to pay Taxes on my winnings?

Probably!, you will need to consult your own countries Laws in regards to this matter.